About Cariad

Cariad Eccleston

Hey! I’m Cariad Eccleston, and this is my software-engineering career in a nutshell.

Back in 2005, I started working as a desktop application developer for a small software house in Exmouth down on the south coast of England. I was fresh out of university, and quickly learning all the real-world stuff that I desperately needed.

A few years later, our little software house by the beach was bought by a billion-dollar multinational corporation.

And – oh boy – did life ever change after that!

Over the years that followed, I was promoted from software engineer to senior software engineer. As our team grew, I took on responsibility for technical leadership. I became one of the first Scrum Masters in our neck of the woods. I had the fantastic opportunity to travel to the USA a couple of times to represent the company at Out & Equal.

Then I heard about a team down the hall that was migrating their desktop application to a web platform, and I wanted in. I applied, interviewed, got the role, and retrained like hell. I’d traded my leadership role to be a software engineer again, but it was so damned cool. It was the first complete mindset shift I’d needed since I started working for the company.

My second complete mindset shift came a couple of years later, when I transitioned away from my software engineer role and into an infrastructure engineer role. I lead a small team tasked with building out a continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline in Amazon Web Services. We had a matter of months to get from zero knowledge to a real honest-to-goodness production deployment in the cloud.

We did it, too!

In the years since then, we’ve automated the heck out of our processes and deployed to production environments around the world. Every day brings new code to deploy, new skills to learn, and new challenges to conquer.

And I can’t wait to share them with you!