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TL;DR - This is a place of friendship and collaboration. There’s no space here for hatred of people, ideas, beliefs or technology choices. Just be awesome; it’s no more complicated than that.

Feedback is welcome & criticism is fair

If you like an article then positive feedback is always nice to read. If an article has helped you in some way then we’d love to hear about it!

Critical feedback is less pleasant to read, but we value it in the spirit of self-improvement.

Hate, insults, provocation and trolling

Everyone is welcome here. Any hatred, mockery, or other language that will make folks feel unwelcome will be removed and the poster may be banned.

There are no stupid questions

Everyone starts at zero. Everyone starts without understanding. Comments that belittle others for their lack of experience of knowledge will be removed.

Platform wars

We welcome comments that offer suggestions on alternative technologies and problem-solving approaches.

However, comments that mock or insult others for their technology decisions will be removed and the poster will be banned.

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